2024 C Ward Vodka
4 June 2024

Ward Vodka: Memory Maker

A new artisanal vodka of remarkable smoothness, available from May 23 at midnight on SAQ.com

Mike Ward, in partnership with the Noroi Distillery team, is delighted to launch a new artisanal vodka: Ward Vodka. A passionate connoisseur of the spirit, Mike Ward chose Noroi “for the quality of their work and their products”, he says. The result is a subtle, remarkably smooth vodka, handcrafted yet affordable, just as the comedian wanted. A spirit for memorable moments, Ward Vodka is available as of midnight May 23, 2024, exclusively on SAQ. com. It will arrive on shelves shortly after.

One hundred bottles, autographed and numbered

Mike Ward has autographed 100 bottles of his Ward Vodka, which will be distributed among those who order online from May 23. These unique bottles will be randomly numbered from 1 to 100.

Vodka Diet Coke: THE cocktail of the distinguished

Developed with his team of mixologists, Mike finally reveals the secret recipe for his famous Vodka Diet Coke. Pour Ward Vodka, a few ice cubes and Diet Coke into a glass. Stir with your finger. Enjoy.


Bouteilles autographiées Ward Vodka

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